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              เว็บคาสิโนแจกเครดิตฟรี 2022

              Mark Nunnikhoven is a forensic scientist, speaker, and technology analyst.

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              I make content that helps everyone understand issues around social media, ad tech, hackers, cybercrime, and how technology impacts our communities.

              I also take deeper dives for technologists. Looking at how we n build systems that have strong privacy and security protections. This type of content addresses cloud, distributed systems, and a lot more.

              I publish regularly here as well as on:


              Recent Posts


              It’s Official, Serverless Is Now Meaningless and That’s...Ok?

              Serverless used to mean something…maybe. Does it mean anything to the cloud community today?


              Twitter To Add Edit Button...Finally

              Twitter finally admits it’s working on an edit button. Why now?


              Okta Breach Highlight The Challenges of Incident Response Communitions

              Okta is responding to a public cybersecurity incident, what n we learn from how they handled communitions?


              CloudFlare Launches an API Gateway

              CloudFlare launches a new API Gateway product, will is shake up the market?


              Automating Audit Evidence Collection Natively in AWS

              Google Cloud makes some small pricing adjustments and reactions are mixed. Here are my thoughts.


              Google Cleans Up Google Cloud Development

              Google Cloud recently cleaned up both the CLIs and SDKs for building in the Google Cloud.


              Automating Audit Evidence Collection Natively in AWS

              The AWS Audit Manager n help organize all of your audit and compliance evidence. This solution helps streamline the collection of non-AWS resource data points.


              Some Thoughts on AWS Well-Architected Custom Lenses

              The AWS Well-Architected Tool allows users to create their own Custom Lenses. I have thoughts…


              Your Web Browser As Your Computer

              Google Chrome OS Flex is going to help put Chrome OS on a lot more computers. That’s a good thing, right?


              Web3 Is Full of Optimism, A $2 Million Dollar Bug Might Change That

              Optimism (an L2 Ethereum project) just paid out a two million dollar bug bounty.


              Thoughts On The AWS Virtual Waiting Room Solution

              Building a ticketing or registration system? AWS just released a solution to help queue demand.


              Preventing That “Whoops” Moment With Your Data In The Cloud

              Attackers n find your cloud misconfigurations with almost no effort, why n’t you?

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